Where can I get a Pembroke Pines Root Canal?

Many patients become a bit apprehensive when they hear that they need a root canal to save a tooth. We understand. But rest assured, this is a very common procedure (15 million are performed each year across the country) with a very high success rate. If you need a Pembroke Pines root canal, may we suggest one dental office to go to: Pembroke Pines Dental Associates. At this friendly dental practice, Dr. Hakan Kinaci and his dental team have been providing precise and gentle root canal therapy for years.

Pembroke Pines Root Canal

Extensive dental decay or a dental injury can sometimes result in irreversible damage to the nerve and vital tissues within the tooth. When this occurs, it becomes necessary to have a root canal procedure to save the tooth. Preserving a natural tooth whenever possible is the best way to maintain a healthy and functional smile and root canal procedures are the most effective way to do this. If left untreated a tooth compromised in this way can become infected creating larger issues for your oral health and overall well being. A root canal therapy simply involves gently and preparing the internal portion of the tooth and then filling it with a special biocompatible material to prevent any subsequent infection. Once your Pembroke Pines root canal therapy has been completed, the affected tooth should be fully restored as recommended. The advantage of this procedure is that Dr. Kinaci can save your natural tooth and beautifully restore it to serve you well for many years.

At Pembroke Pines Dental Associates, we offer a wide list of services from general dentistry to the most advanced dental treatments to meet your entire family’s dental needs. We also offer sedation dentistry for those patients who need some extra help to relax and reduce any anxiety surrounding a dental procedure. Whether you are looking for routine dental care, restorative work, cosmetic dentistry, emergency treatments, a Pembroke Pines root canal, or any other dental procedure, let us take care of your dental needs.

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